Jennifer Pickens

jennifer bioWhether it’s an atmospheric snapshot of a mist-shrouded castle in Romania or an endearing portrait of a beloved family pet, my artistic vision inspires a full gamut of interpretations.

Described as “timeless,” “emotional,” and “quiet,” my work lends itself to black & white images and makes optimal use of natural light to introduce gentle contrasts that evoke a classic, vintage feel. Textural, eclectic, and varied, my natural, informal style captures and enhances the subtleties of any situation with an unparalleled ease and grace.

An award-winning photojournalist with 10 years of professional snapping behind me, I work as a staff photographer for the Mission Dispatch newspaper and hold the title of Senior Editor at VegNews magazine. As a freelance photographer, my work has appeared in numerous publications and websites, including the San Francisco Observer, Haight Ashbury Beat, Western Edition, Castro Star, Etc. Magazine, Guardsman, and the San Mateo Independent Newspaper Group. Commissioned works include CD and magazine covers, as well as product shots for print editorial.

My extensive travel experience across all seven continents has greatly influenced my work. Exposure to and understanding of many different countries gives me the unique advantage of being able to express a multicultural viewpoint in my photographs, examples of which have been exhibited at galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

As a team with a combined 20 years of experience, Tiffany and I bring our unique perspectives together to create strong, compelling images that transcend trends. We are artists as well as problem solvers, and together we bring a positive, flexible attitude and a passion for photography to every job.